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Since we started 1984 Good Electric has been serving our commercial clients with the attention to detail, professional demeanor and timely job completions their projects deserve. We are experts in all aspects of commercial electrical systems. This includes office buildings, hotels and businesses, schools, malls and strip centers, government agencies, restaurants, and medical facilities.
We comprehend our clients needs, especially when dealing with the reliability and responsiveness of electrical systems. We offer our San Antonio clients flexibility and assure them that their commercial projects completion will be on time so that business can commence in a predicable fashion. During alterations, repairs, upgrades and remodels, our Commercial Electricians will complete projects in a timely fashion so tenants can resume their routines and our clients don't have to suffer from excessive downtime.
Our Commercial Electrical Contractors Devision clients expect that we respond quickly to their calls. That includes emergency situations. No matter how large or small the project, the Good Electric Commercial Electricians provide top quality work at a reasonable price. From a million dollar business project to a small office, Good Electric LTD can be trusted and relied upon for outstanding electrical workmanship.

Data and Communication wiring Services: If you own or are starting a data center you know that getting the right electrical feed crucial. Every minute your equipment is down, it could cost your company thousands of money. Our commercial electrical contractors can set up and maintain your data and communication systems power supply, so that downtime isn't an issue.
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